"My goal is to give each student the tools to perform well and to expand on the talent and passions they already have".
TEACHER - Joelyn Lutz



Joelyn has been singing and performing for over 40 years.  From country to jazz and rock she began her career in an all-female rock band called Teazer where she was the lead guitarist and lead singer for over a decade
Her credits are an Associate of Arts degree in music and she studied under Seth Riggs in Los Angeles for voice training.


Joelyn started teaching in 2002 with students Tori and Taylor Thompson who were picked out of thousand of kids for the American Jr. Idol in 2004.  In 2011 they were picked as contestants on The Voice.

Musical director for a local community theater on several productions.
Lead guitarist and featured vocalist in the local college jazz band.
Taught traditional and original music to children at local schools through the Children’s Creative Project.
Performed for over a decade at many New Thought Centers on the Central Coast.
Teaches guitar at the CMC prison in San Luis Obispo.
Created songs with non violent communication tools built into the music for her non-profit called WonHeart. The music is part of her anti-bully programs for grades K-6th and you can view a character building song to Stop Breathe Choose Differently here.
She's taught children to sing original music for WonHeart events to connect her community.
Recorded a CD called Just Breathe and created a Video to One World.
She performs on a regular basis and is available for live performances.  Find out more here.